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Statement Before BPAC on Blood Establishment Computer Software (BECS) and BECS Accessories

Statement to the Food and Drug Administration's Blood Products Advisory Committee

03 December 2014

Blood Establishment Computer Software (BECS) and BECS Accessories

M. Allene Carr-Greer, Director, Regulatory Affairs

AABB is pleased to have this opportunity to provide comment to the FDA on the classification process for BECS and BECS accessories and agrees that the proposal made by the FDA to classify BECS as Class II is reasonable.

The difficulty today is determining “What is a BECS Accessory?” The FDA Executive Summary does not specifically define BECS accessories and frequently uses the phrase BECS/BECS accessory making it difficult to interpret what is a BECS, and what is a BECS accessory. Without a specific definition the combination of “identifying unsuitable donors” and “evaluate, determine, and track donor screening information and component history,” found in the Device Description portion of the Executive Summary Introduction (pages 6-7), potentially makes all equipment/devices that could have results electronically transferred/uploaded to the BECS, a BECS accessory.

AABB strongly recommends that the FDA provide more clarity around the definition of a BECS accessory before proceeding to rulemaking.

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