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Association Bulletin #20-01 - Association Bulletin Listings

Date:March 6, 2020
To:AABB Members
From:Beth H. Shaz, MD - President
Debra BenAvram - Chief Executive Officer
Re:Association Bulletin Listings

Association Bulletins provide a mechanism for publication of documents that have been approved by the Board of Directors for distribution to individual and institutional members, such as:

  • Standards that were adopted after publication of the most recent edition of Standards.
  • Statements of AABB policy intended for distribution to members.
  • Guidance, recommendations, and reports that have been developed by AABB Committees or National Office staff for distribution to members.

Listing of AABB Association Bulletins
Current as of March 6, 2020

12/13/19 #19-03      ​Interim Standards to the 31st edition of Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services
​06/26/19​#19-02​Recommendations on the Use of Group O Red Blood Cells
​03/16/17#17-02​Updated Strategies to Limit or Prevent Iron Deficiency in Blood Donors
09/28/16 #16-07​Updated Recommendations for Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya Viruses
​01/15/16 #16-02​Mitigating the Anti-CD38 Interference with Serologic Testing
12/28/15 #15-02Transfusion-Associated Circulatory Overload (TACO)
07/18/14 #14-05Babesiosis
07/18/14 #14-04Clinical Recognition and Investigation of Suspected Bacterial Contamination of Platelets
01/29/14 #14-02TRALI Risk Mitigation for Plasma and Whole Blood for Allogeneic Transfusion
07/25/13 #13-03Updated Criteria for Donor Deferral and Blood Component Retrieval in Known or Suspected Common Source Outbreaks of Hepatitis A Virus Infection
06/27/13 #13-02West Nile Virus Nucleic Acid Testing – Revised Recommendations
10/04/12 #12-04Recommendations to Address Residual Risk of Bacterial Contamination of Platelets
09/21/12 #12-02TRALI Risk Mitigation Update
11/22/10 #10-06Information Concerning Platelet Additive Solutions
08/28/08 #08-04Strategies to Reduce Adverse Reactions and Injuries in Younger Donors
08/30/06 #06-05Monitoring and Preventing the Occurrence of Deviations and Near-Miss Events in Pretransfusion Testing: Mislabeling/Wrong Blood in Tube
01/24/05 #05-02Guidance on Management of Blood and Platelet Donors with Positive or Abnormal Results on Bacterial Contamination Tests (Supplements #04-07)
10/14/04 #04-07Actions Following an Initial Positive Test for Possible Bacterial Contamination of a Platelet Unit
08/31/04 #04-06Reporting Donor Fatalities