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Organization Overview

Standard Setting
Professional Development
Center for Data and Special Programs
Consulting Services
Global Services
National Blood Exchange
National Blood Foundation
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For more information on any of the following membership categories or to apply for membership, visit the Join AABB section. For your convenience, an online individual membership application also is available in this section. To speak with our Membership department, please call +1.301.215.6489 or send an email to

Individual Membership: Any individual who is interested in or actively involved in transfusion medicine and/or cellular therapy activities.

Institutional Membership: Any facility that collects, processes, tests, distributes or transfuses blood, blood components and/or cellular therapy products. AABB accreditation is a requirement for institutional membership.

Affiliate Program: Any transfusion service that currently is not registered or licensed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; and organizations, facilities or professional groups in the health care profession that do not collect or transfuse blood.

Section Membership: Any individual member of the association also may elect to join the Transfusion Medicine and/or Cellular Therapies Sections. Section membership is a great vehicle for bringing together members with similar interests, sharing information and networking with your peers.

Standards and Accreditation

Standard Setting: AABB has been a leader in the development of standards for voluntary compliance since 1957, when the first edition of Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services was published. Since that time, AABB standard-setting programs have expanded to encompass several new disciplines. In addition to the Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services, AABB publishes Standards for Cellular Therapy Product Services, Standards for Immunohematology Reference Laboratories, Standards for Relationship Testing Laboratories (formerly Standards for Parentage Testing Laboratories), Standards for Perioperative Autologous Blood Collection and Administration, and Standards for Molecular Testing for Red Cell, Platelet, and Neutrophil Antigens. To contact the Policy, Standards and Global Development department at, call +1.301.215.6493 or visit the Standard-Setting Activities section.

Accreditation: AABB's Accreditation Program strives to improve the safety of collecting, processing, testing, distributing and administering blood, blood products and cellular therapy products through assessment of the quality and operational systems in place within the facility. The basis for assessment includes compliance with AABB Standards, Code of Federal Regulations and federal guidance documents. Contact the Accreditation department at, call +1.301.215.6492 or visit the Accreditation Program Overview section.


Regulatory Affairs Program: Monitors and reports on federal government agency activities affecting the transfusion and cellular therapies community. Member comments on federal rulemaking and policymaking activities are coordinated through the Regulatory Affairs department. AABB positions on significant regulatory issues are presented before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and other government agencies. Contact the Regulatory Affairs Department at

Legislative Program: Supports AABB in developing positions and communicating with congressional offices on legislative issues facing the transfusion medicine and cellular therapies community. This department monitors and reports on such federal legislative issues in AABB News and AABB Weekly Report. Contact the Public Policy department at or call +1.301.215.6590.

Legal Program: Monitors and reports on significant legal issues affecting the transfusion medicine and cellular therapies community. Reports are provided in AABB News and AABB Weekly Report. Contact the Office of General Counsel at or call +1.301.215.6571.

Professional Development

Distance Learning Programs: Enable participants to learn the latest information without leaving their facilities or homes. These state-of-the-art educational programs have enabled thousands of health care professionals to sharpen their skills, find out the newest technical procedures, management techniques and industry trends to improve performance and overall operations. Contact the Professional Development department at or call +1.301.215.6482.

AABB Annual Meeting: is the only national forum for the presentation of new scientific, technical, management and operational information on transfusion medicine and cellular therapies. Education tracks focus on specific member job functions, including scientific, technical/clinical, quality/education and leadership management. In addition, programs on patient blood management, operations, management, managed care, legal issues and ethical issues and an industry summit are part of this dynamic event. Contact the Professional Development department at or call +1.301.215.6480.


About Our Books: AABB is the premier publisher for publications in the transfusion medicine and cellular therapies field. Our high-quality publications and practice standards are relevant for today's health care professionals. Each book in our distinctive collection has been developed based on our high standards and on our understanding of what will benefit you, the transfusion medicine and cellular therapies professional.

AABB publishes books under two publishing names, AABB and AABB Press. There are subtle differences between these two publishing vehicles. Those books published under the AABB name focus on our activities as they relate to our standards, guidance-developing activities and committee work. AABB publications are written by our volunteer committee members as a direct charge from the AABB Board of Directors.

Books developed under the AABB Press program focus on a wide range of timely reference and research-oriented topics in transfusion medicine and cellular therapies. Also covered are related aspects of hematology, immunology, genetics as well as authoritative texts and training manuals. Book proposals are considered from professionals involved in transfusion medicine and cellular therapies. If you are interested in writing for the AABB Press program, please contact the Publications department at +1.301.215.6521 or

For more information or to order a specific publication, visit the AABB Marketplace. You also can place your order by contacting the AABB Sales department at or +1.866.222.2498.


AABB delivers the most up-to-date information in transfusion medicine and cellular therapies. Each communication vehicle is developed with a specific section of our membership in mind.

AABB News: This association magazine keeps members informed of recent and upcoming AABB and member events and industry news.

AABB SmartBrief: This daily e-mail newsletter contains summaries of the latest news stories of interest to the transfusion medicine and cellular therapies community, along with links to the full articles on the Web.

AABB Weekly Report: The association's weekly e-newsletter shares news on the latest developments affecting the transfusion medicine and cellular therapies field.

Association Bulletins: Association Bulletins contain information related to policy statements, guidelines and interim standards. They are published in the Members Area of the AABB website. For more information, contact the AABB Executive Office at

Biovigilance Update: The association's quarterly e-newsletter reporting on the U.S. Biovigilance Network, a unique public/private collaboration among the federal government and organizations involved in blood collection, transfusion, and tissue and organ transplantation.

AABB CellSource: The association's quarterly e-newsletter reporting on news related to cellular therapies including activities of the cell therapies subsections, key initiatives, newly released publications, networking opportunities and highlights of recently published papers.

TRANSFUSION: TRANSFUSION is the monthly peer-reviewed journal of AABB. The journal is the primary international vehicle for publication of scientific, technical and administrative papers relating to blood banking; transfusion medicine; hematopoietic, cellular and gene therapies; and tissue transplantation. AABB's website containing facts about donating and receiving blood, where to donate blood, listings of meetings across the nation, late breaking news in the industry, FDA reports, legislative changes, medical updates, access to newsletters, AABB Community and CareerLink. Contact the Web Services department at or call +1.301.215.6555.

Other Services

Center for Data and Special Programs: Provides data collection, analysis and management support for data pertaining to blood collection and utilization, including biovigilance, patient blood management and cellular therapies. Contact the Center for Data and Special Programs at or call +1.301.215.6588.

Consulting Services: Provides expertise worldwide in quality management and process improvement systems and solutions to blood, plasma and tissue collection and/or management facilities; transfusion services; clinical laboratories; and cellular and related biological therapy facilities. AABB Consulting Services, a division of AABB that operates independently of the association's Accreditation Programs, is a leader in developing innovative strategies. Contact the AABB Consulting Services Division at or call +1.301.215.6497.

Global Services: Provides policy, operational, management and technical assistance on blood safety to developing nations worldwide. The services include training, development of clinical guidelines and country-specific standards, and outreach to ministries of health. Contact the International Technical Assistance department at or call +1.240.333.6602.

National Blood Exchange (NBE): Provides a mechanism for resource sharing of blood and components among facilities across the country, allowing for the best utilization of blood resources. Blood centers with surplus blood or hospitals needing additional blood should contact the NBE at or call +1.800.458.9388.

National Blood Foundation (NBF): Established in 1983, the foundation funds research and education projects that advance transfusion medicine, blood banking and cellular therapies to benefit both patients and donors. For more information about these programs or how to donate, please contact the NBF at or call +1.301.215.6552.