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About Our Publications

AABB is the premier publisher for publications in the blood banking and transfusion medicine field. Our high quality publications and practice standards are relevant for today’s health-care professionals. Each book in our distinctive collection has been developed based on our high standards and on our understanding of what will benefit you, the blood banking and transfusion medicine professional.

AABB publishes books under two publishing names, AABB and AABB Press. There are subtle differences between these two publishing vehicles. Those books published under the AABB name focus on our activities as they relate to our standards, guidance-developing activities and committee work. AABB publications are written by our volunteer committee members as a direct charge from the AABB Board of Directors.

Books developed under the AABB Press program focus on a wide range of timely reference and research-oriented topics in blood banking and transfusion medicine. Also covered are related aspects of hematology, immunology, genetics, authoritative texts and training manuals.

Your ideas are welcome and encouraged. If you are a professional who wants to contribute to the field, the AABB Press would like to hear from you. All interested authors and editors are encouraged to contact the AABB staff for assistance in preparing a proposal for review by the AABB Press Editorial Board. Please download the appropriate form for submitting book proposal ideas.

AABB Press Book Proposal Form
AABB Press Book Proposal Form (2nd and subsequent editions)   

To request permission to reprint, please download our form.

For more information or to order a specific publication, visit the online Marketplace. You can also place your order by contacting AABB Sales Department at or +1.866.222.2498.