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Experience the New AABB Accreditation Portal

Available in 2018. Receive notification when the new portal launches.

We’re getting an upgrade! The new AABB Accreditation Portal will be replacing our current AABB Accreditation platform. This portal is designed to streamline the accreditation process and make it easier for assessors and current/prospective institutional members to access and track their accreditation information online.

Already an AABB Accredited Facility?

This fully digital platform will provide the following benefits:

  • Access to update facility demographic and personnel information
  • Instant notifications and alerts for updates and requested information
  • An easy to use document repository
  • Ability to update CLIA personnel information
  • Provide educational assistance through direct access to AABB resources

Not AABB Accredited?

Start the AABB Accreditation Process today.

Our upgraded technology will assist facilities beginning the application process by providing:

  • A centralized self-paced application process
  • Guidance for each step of the application process
  • Recommendations for additional resources
  • Application status updates

Are you an Approved AABB Assessor?

A more accessible and streamlined platform will allow you to:

  • Access your assessor record to update or revise personal information
  • Work with facility assessment documents online
  • Easily refer to AABB resources for guidance on assessments
  • Track your assignments, both pending and completed

Look for more information about the New AABB Accreditation Portal in the coming months. If you have any questions regarding the new platform, pleases contact us at